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Building Team Trust & Resilience

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During times of stress and uncertainty, and with economic pressures pushing all sectors into new ways of working, it is vital that those leading organisations are intentional when it come to their workplace culture.


While managers will set the tone initially, it is also vital that they empower everyone within the team to play their part. It is important that those as every level of the organisation recognise that having a good culture depends on everyone taking responsibility and showing up fully within their teams.

To listen to me in conversation about how to build resilience within your team please click on the image below. While this podcast is geared towards the Third Sector the principles are of course universal for all organisations.




Here are some key things to consider,


Maintain Trust & Show Respect


The world has changed for everyone. And the working world often beyond what we could have imagined a year ago. One of the main factors that puts strain on our workplace relationships during this time is our lack of interaction. To maintain this we are responsible as individuals for discovering what our new ways of interacting will be. About how we will ‘show up’ in our workplace and each other’s lives every day.


We will of course all find a new way to interact individually but in the meantime here are some tips to get things moving in the right direction,


  • Take the time to interact with each other about things other than work. Perhaps a virtual coffee or lunch.


  • Show up on time to calls, be prepared, and don’t wear your bathrobe.


  • Turn your camera on! A video call with a blank screen is building doubt & distrust.


  • Behave as if you’re at work in how you dress, how you speak & what’s behind you on that video call.


  • Acknowledge others when they are having a bad day.



Actively Build Resilience


Building resilience is a skill open to all of us. We may think some people are naturally resilient – they’re not. They’ve just encountered enough hurdles along the way that has allowed them to work the muscle.


Building a resilient team is the best possible foundation for success. The three elements key to this are,

  • Direction

  • Support

  • Autonomy



Ensure you team knows where they are going and why. If everyone has a common goal which they are passionate about they will work together towards success for everyone.

The ‘why’ of the team is a critical component of having a resilient team. It’s not just about the organisations 'Why' but about everyone’s role within it and how their contribution adds to the whole. Ensure you team are clear on their Why.



Split work evenly; encourage your team to move out of their comfort zone and achieve new things; offer help when it is needed and let your people know that if they go out on a limb that you will be by their side.



Give team members the courage and freedom to make decisions. To aim high in reaching their goals and to know that you will be with them on the good days and the bad days.

Managers who seek to approve everything can strangle growth and ultimately loose their best people. Conversely if you encourage your team to behave in a way that empowers them to take the actions that seem natural and wise - amazing growth can be achieved.



Nothing Happens in Isolation


Being part of a great team is the best way to reach goals; encourage excellence & keep a hold of your best people. We all want teams who feel on purpose & passionate about what they work towards every single day.

During times of uncertainty and change it is vital that the trust & spirit of the team is not lost. It is therefore incumbent on everyone to:

  • Be willing to have difficult conversations.

  • Find something to say when they don’t know what to say.

  • Reach out and support in whatever way they can.

  • Recognise when others are having a tough time & acknowledge it.


During this time of working in isolation it is not enough to reflect that ‘if we were in an office it would be different’. We need to be vulnerable enough to find a way to make it work in our new normal.


  • Get in touch - via phone, email or video call.

  • Arrange a catch up – a zoom coffee is better than nothing at all.

  • Offer assistance - only if you have the time, willingness & ability to actually help.

  • Leave the empty platitudes out – don’t say it will be fine if you don’t know it will be fine.


Above all recognise that doing nothing may feel easier now but will not feel like the best option on the other side of difficult days when your colleagues reflect that there was no one around to support them.



Ignite Workshops


While every piece of work is bespoke to the individual organisation and their needs here are some of the most commonly desired workshop that help in developing the culture of your workplace,


Greatest Lessons

A one-day workshop looking at what lesson of recent times each individual has learned. Reflecting on what life felt like before and how differently they feel now. An acceptance of change and growth is encouraged in this piece of work allowing attendees to acknowledge that change is happening all of the time, can be positive and lessons learned actually empower us for the future.


Strengths Training

Using the Clifton Strengths Model to help individuals identify the areas in which they excel and how to focus in areas where they will naturally excel!


Identify our 'Why' & Redefining Purpose

Why does the team exist? What are its goals and aspirations? What is its purpose within the wider organisation or indeed the world?

This piece of work commits to both inspiring great ideas and empowering the team to make them happen.


Workshops are currently delivered online. If permitted and guidelines are followed in person work will be undertaken.

To discuss your particular needs contact

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