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Motivational Presentations & Workshops

Motivation for teams during times of change & disruption...


This time of our lives is presenting everyone with a new way of showing up in their lives and work. For many the level of change is presenting real challenges and having a detrimental effect on mental well-being.


In these bespoke in person & online presentations by Anne Hughes she offers real life insights gained through lived experience in making choices and learning valuable lessons during periods where it can appear our ability to thrive has been removed.

Anne also encourages contemplation on the events of your life that you now stand on the other side of.  To consider how you can show up now to settle any anxiety and remove blocks to your personal well-being.


Anne Hughes is a motivational speaker, writer & broadcaster with more than twenty years’ experience in public speaking and a depth of experience and knowledge in inspiring and motivating.

Having encountered a life changing episode in 2017, facing death and enduring a lengthy recovery Anne is now driven to encourage people to act now to fulfil their potential. In this series of presentations Anne reflects on the choices she made when everything changed to enable her to find her way out of the storm and the life changing lessons she learned on the journey.

Currently this is presented in person and online to teams of work colleagues and allows time for questions, reflections and chat about group or individual challenges, observations and insights following the presentation.

Ongoing engagement is encouraged via the Ignite online offering which includes daily inspiration via links, radio shows, podcasts & videos and welcomes ongoing dialogue for all.

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