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An opportunity for the transformation of our Workplace Culture!


“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organisation is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday.”                                     Frances Hesselbein


April 2022 

What an interesting time we are living through. As workplaces cope with a level of change & innovation never experienced before the wellness of our teams and work place culture is coming into sharp focus.

Adapting to the pace at which things are moving can put even the most well formed & accomplished teams under pressure. During this time however, an opportunity exists for leaders within all organisations. 

Let us not get lost in our desire for things to go back to 'normal'. Rather leaders should be looking at ways of innovating, making things better, stronger and more conducive to building an environment that their employees trust, respect and feel a part of. We should take stock now of all the parts of our organisations that weren't working. Indeed, even the bits of our culture that we where perhaps refusing to acknowledge had become quite broken.

If we're honest much of work life before the pandemic wasn't good for employees mental well being. Work-life balance was a concept rather than a reality for most and our structures and rules had become cages for our teams - issues that constrained rather than encouraged growth.

As we (hopefully) begin to emerge from lock down we have the time to reflect on the kind of culture we want to exist within our workplaces moving forward.

Whether you are dealing with change of roles, new work patterns, shifting priorities or even redundancy - leaders have never had a better impetus to create an improved work place culture. One that embraces their vision, mission & values in a better way than ever before. The chance to become a values driven organisation in every sense.

Senior Management Teams have an opportunity just now to look at how their culture has developed and begin to act now in the areas where it most needs adaptation.

My work with organisations covers a number of areas including,

  • Motivational Presentations

    • For teams during times of change & disruption​. 

  • Mentoring

    • Helping leaders uncover the kind of culture they desire and create a plan to turn it into reality.​

  • Workshops

    • Helping teams recognise what could be done differently. Inspiring the desire to make new plans & empowering them with the skills to turn it into reality.

  • Strengths Development

    • Using the Clifton Gallop Strengths Model​

  • Intrepreneurial Development

    • An opportunity to grow your business from within. Increasing a sense of ​Team, Trust & Adaptability and allowing you to grow from the inside creating opportunities for those at all levels of the organisation.

To chat about how your would like your team culture to change  please get in touch. I offer a bespoke package of support relevant to your needs, size and budget.




In June 2020 I was invited onto the 'Charity

Chat Podcast' to discuss much of w

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