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Ignite Change Makers

Do you recognise that a shift is needed? That there are parts of your life that aren’t in tune with who you are and the person you have become?


We all get to a stage in life where we know we need some stuff to change in order to bring in our own unfolding and  becoming. The trouble is that often we can’t quite work out what path it is we need to walk along to reach a goal we haven't yet verbalised. It’s like the feeling is on the tip of our tongues but the words, ideas and reality of our longing is struggling to make it out into reality.


For more than 20 years I have been on a path of self-discovery. Unfolding where I belong and what I should do next. Along the way I have helped many attendees of my workshops, those I mentor, team members and colleagues to discover their next right step. To recognise their purpose and encourage them to step into the life that is calling them.


In the past two years I have attempted to reach people in a wider sense with my writing, speaking engagements, workshops, podcasts and radio show. My intention is always that those who read, attend & listen will recognise that they can think differently about their lives.


After many enquires I am now delighted to introduce a new development to the Ignite offering in the world.


Ignite Change Makers is a way for you to become the person who drives the change in your own life. The one who names it and then confidently claims it.


With my assistance during one to one time we will uncover what you really want your life to look like. We will build a strategy, work together to put it in place and we will go on the journey of our own unfolding.


After an initial 60 minute consultation I will assist you in understanding the ways in which you could decide to move forward in recognising and honouring your life plan. (In person or via Skype)


A detailed offering will then be presented to you which will offer a range of support spanning from two to six months.


The very best person to Ignite Your Life I firmly believe is YOU! And I will stand at your back holding the saddle until it’s time for you to take off on your own and fulfil your potential.

To book your first session and have a free initial 20 minute telephone consultation contact me now...

**Limited weekend and evening appointments are available.

Working with Anne....

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