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Getting wearied by the behaviours being continually displayed in her city, Anne Hughes set out to make a change. A big change. She set herself the mission of changing society.


In this book she is empowering the reader to end not only their own awful behaviours, but also reassess their level of tolerance when it comes to the behaviour of others.


What starts as a laugh along read, this book soon becomes a space for reflection on how we all show up in the world, culminating in a bold assertion that we’ve actually had the power all along to make our circles, groupings and spaces a lot more gentle, compassionate and driven by something better.


This book could be just what you were looking for to make your experience of the world, and the people in it, all the better.

'People Are Arseholes' Book

'People Are Arseholes' will be with you by the launch date of 20th June 2024. DO NOT PRE-ORDER IF ATTENDING LAUNCH ON 17JUN
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