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The Ignite Tribe

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Awaken Your Warrior Within!

I believe all women need a tribe. A tribe of women, a tribe of warriors who will stand in their truth. Women who will treat each other with kindness, compassion and honesty. So I decided to start building some!

Ignite Tribes will focus on the mind and body. Half of our session will be spent speaking, sharing, learning and the other half exercising our bodies as we set an intention to achieve a fitness goal this year. 

Together we build a tribe of woman, who together change the way we live, think and show up in the world. And we'll have each others backs as we do it.


In week one our workshop will focus on mapping the various areas of our lives and working out what our priorities are for the future. 

As a tribe we will then decide what we want to focus on in future. These options can include but are not limited to,

  • Signing from our souls

  • The menopause

  • Our rights

  • Looking at our thinking

  • Our sexuality

  • Writing & journaling

  • Presenting & speaking out

As a group we can discuss what we think will help us stand in the truth of who we are and decide what focus the group would prefer. Guest speakers will then be welcomed in to guide us through us in each area.

Fitness Goal

Each tribe will set a physical goal to be completed in 2019. We'll decide together what we want to do.

Some ideas include,

  • Doing the 10K in the Great Scottish Run (28 Sept 19)

  • Climbing Ben Lomond or Ben Nevis

  • Doing a section of the West Highland Way


The list could go on so bring your ideas to the table and lets set a goal!

Ignite Tribe Agreement

Here are the rules of the Ignite Tribe. By registering your place in the tribe you are agreeing to abide by them,

  1. I will be me. I’ll never pretend I’m something I’m not.

  2. If I ever get judgy or mean I’ll be asked to leave.

  3. I’ll treat my tribe with respect and compassion.

  4. I’ll speak my truth.

  5. I’ll respect the privacy of the group and keep my tribes confidence.

  6. If I’ve got a problem I’ll speak to my tribe or to Anne about it.

  7. I’ll push myself to try new things.

  8. If I don’t want to take part in something my decision will be respected.

  9. I’m totally open to making new friends.

  10. I will be kind to my tribe with my time, words and the faces I pull.

Book your place....

The cost of joining the Ignite Tribe for the first meeting on Tuesday 11th June is a special introductory price of £12 for the two hour session.


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