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Motivational Speaker

Anne's motivational speaking focuses on illustrating the lessons she learned from the brink of death and inspiring others to live their lives more fully in the present. Reaching for goals and living up to our own expectations.

The delivery is authentic, funny and moving serving to show that life changing events can happen to anyone at any moment.

Anne has been booked for events across Europe and delivered inspiring speeches in a variety of settings including corporate events, motivational days and industry dinners.

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Radio Show

Ignite The Radio Show has now been broadcasting since March 2018 and there are more than 150 shows.

Each show features a guest who has done something different to pull themselves through their lives, trials and difficulties.

Listen to previous shows here,


'What Do You Know For Sure?' Podcast was born mid pandemic as I reflected on those incidental conversations with women had vanished from my life.

The question which titles my podcast was born of 'Ignite the Radio Show' where I had been asking guests this briefly at the end of each interview.

My intention with the podcast is for women to speak their truth, and when other women to witness it, to also speak theirs. More than 150 women have so far shared what's true for them.

Listen on streaming sites or here,

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